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Welcome to Ecig-Works, Michiana's Vaping Destination.


We've got what you're looking for whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro.


Need to find a new flavor?  Taste test over 80 flavors available of Juicemafia gourmet e-liquid at our tasting bar.  Juicemafia is our own brand and is sold in other vape shops all over the country from New Jersey to California, to Hawaii.  Since it's made right here, you get it faster and cheaper than anyone else in the country.  


Need to upgrade your device?  Come in and talk to our experts. From starter kits to authentic rebuildables and limited edition mods, we have all the best vaping equipment available.  


Want to make the switch from smoking to vaping?  We can help you make it successful.  We have helped thousands, young and old, finally stop smoking tobacco once and for all.  


We are committed to bringing you the best of the best from the world of vaping.  We will cut through the noise and confusion to bring you the best quality available on the market.  Our customer service and selection are second to none.


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